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You are ready for the life you want and the life you have to align perfectly.

This isn't the first step of your journey.

You've been on your path of self discovery long enough to envision your dream life in your mind and your heart.

  • A life where you know your whole Self, and you are your biggest fan

  • A life where you love the experience of being in YOUR body

  • A life where you don't mess around when it comes to your self-care (because you know it's got nothing to do with pedicures and bubble baths)

  • A life where you understand the anatomy of your mind-body-heart—and feel confident in the wisdom of your actions, knowing that they will benefit you

  • A life where you feel powerful, joyful, lush, glowing, radiant, curious, creative, engaged, aroused to life, alive, transformed, and free

  • A life filled with life-giving relationships you enjoy—and the knowledge of how to intentionally cultivate them

  • A life that is a well-spring—because your life is full and well-fed, you can't help but overflow, creating a positive impact in the world around you.

You know what you want—you want the life you know deeply in your soul that you were meant to have.


You've come across a lot of nonsense along the way. And by now, you've run into enough of it to know it's all the same: Self-"improvement", "fix" your mindset, "solve" this problem — they all offer the same thing...

  • one (proven, 5-step!) method for

  • one problem

  • focused on the idea that there's something about you that needs to be "fixed" and "improved."

The problem is...

Let's unpack this.

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One proven method?

There's a difference between First Order Change and Second Order Change. First Order Change is "top-down" or "outside-in" change. These are external changes in specific behaviors. This is the kind of "self-improvement" most of the resources out there teach us.


Second Order Change is "bottom-up" or "inside-out" change. These are deep, internal changes that have a natural, "down-stream" effect to the external behaviors and symptoms we experience.


Think of First Order like trying to swim up-stream and Second Order like changing the current of the river.

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One problem?

We are human, and we aren't one-dimensional. When it comes to creating the life we want, there isn't going to be "one 5-step" method that does it. First Order Change methods are focused on changing one thing—but they often sell themselves as being THE game-changer for your whole life. And when you multiply each system's number of steps by the number of experts out there selling them... well, now you've got a lot of books on your shelf and a lot of confusion about how it's all supposed to fit together. It's just too overwhelming.

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After working with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours, all of my work is based on one core belief—


You are whole, and you have all the wisdom and power you need for your growth within you.

You might just need help finding it (Hint: There's nothing "wrong" with you that needs to be "improved").

The truth is, you don't need yet another system.

You already know where you want to go

All you need is you + the map to get there.

That's exactly what I've created for you, and it's called The Soul Work Course.


Desirée, wow. Because of this work, I have clarity and a better understanding of myself, and the journey and process of healing. I learned that I’ve got strength, courage, capability, and competence. I learned to give myself credit for keeping on my path, through all the ups and downs in life. Many, many thanks.


My name is Desirée. I earned my master's degree in psychology, I'm a licensed professional counselor and a yoga teacher.


The real word for what I do, though, is soul work.

 Soul work is the process of becoming who   you were created to be. 


And The Soul Work Course?

After working with hundreds of clients in the therapy setting, I realized there’s work we all have in common—our soul work.  


I studied that work and the places my most serious and successful clients were willing to explore. From that, I created a unique curriculum for anyone dedicated to their journey—to the process of becoming who you were created to be.

On that journey, you will discover your healing, your wisdom, your power, your heart, your truth.

In order to have a truly healthy life, we have to have health in all three domains of our life, which are:

Self  ·  Relationships  ·  Community

When you engage your health in all three of these areas, you will discover your fully realized Self and your fully realized life.

Health is the conscious experience of being whole just as you are  while also being purposefully engaged in your growth

The Core of Soul Work


The Soul Work Course Journey

In The Soul Work Course, I walk you step-by-step through building health in each of these domains. We begin with Self, then expand out into Relationships, then Community,




We end with a Capstone Project to encapsulate and memorialize your journey.


The magic of this, is it then guides you on your journey as you continue on, creating that life you dream of.

I am in the right place and I am so looking forward to the journey. Thank you, Desirée, for going within and sharing this with us.


Ready for a Peek Inside?

The Soul Work Course Overview

Start Here

  • Overview

  • What to Expect

  • Questionnaire


Habit Builder

  • Eight essential habits




    • Process of Change​

    • Hierarchy of Needs​

    • Care of Self​


    • Your Mind-Body​

    • Caring for Your Mind-Body​


    • Identity

    • Authenticity

    • Sexuality

    • Language + Communication

    • Creativity


  • Relationships

  • Attachment + Trauma

  • Family History

  • Earning Secure Attachment

  • Boundaries, Trust, and Empathy

  • Forgiveness

  • Conflict Transformation

  • Creating Your Relationships



  • Understanding Our Communities


    • Money Relationships + Scarcity Stories

    • Spending, Boundaries, Generosity


    • Spirituality

    • Truth


    • Intersectionality

    • Collective and Intergenerational Trauma

    • Speaking Up + Using Power

    • Proactive, Authentic, Engaged

Manifesto of Values & Influence

  • Creating Your Manifesto

Interview with a Soul Work Course Student

Meet Katie! She's a teacher, runner, and outdoor adventurer. She loves music, her cat, and exploring her self, her life, and the world around her.

I checked in with Katie shortly after she began The Soul Work Course. She was kind enough to give me some great feedback and insights about her experience that she's allowed me to share with you!


When you invest in your self through The Soul Work Course...

You gain my expertise

There's absolutely no reason the expertise of helping professionals should stay behind locked doors. In The Soul Work Course, I empower you with the most important knowledge I've gained over the past 10+ years and give you an immersive experience that teaches you how to use it for your highest good. 

And let that sink in... it's taken me over ten years to gather and create everything presented in The Soul Work Course. That's hundreds (thousands, maybe?) of books, two degrees, tons of extra professional training, and thousands of hours working directly with clients. That means two things:

  • No, you can't find the same information and experience for free on the Internet

  • You don't have to spend 10 years of your life putting the puzzle together

What's more, if you did pay to work with me one-on-one just to cover the content in The Soul Work Course, that would cost you at least $8,400. 

You experience compounding benefits and growth

We start The Soul Work Course by exploring our hierarchy of needs in depth. The rest of the course takes you through how to meet those needs in a healthy way and heal the ways they haven't been met before.


Each module builds on the one before it, so it's an experience of compounding growth. Each module leads you through Soul Work Explorations, which help you embody what you're learning on a nervous-system level and put your empowerment into action. 

When you've finished the course, you will both know how to live in a way that aligns with your deepest truth and highest good, AND you will already have a lot of experience doing just that. That new learning becomes embodied, the success sticks with you, and you are set up to keep on your path beyond just your time in the course.

You will...

  • Understand both the why and the how of caring for your body on a physiological and emotional level

  • Understand your neurological need for safety, go through embodying explorations to heal violations of your safety, and learn how to be a safe person for your self

  • Learn how relationships work, and how you can cultivate intentional, deep, resilient, and lasting relationships

  • Develop a new level of self-esteem that is deeply rooted in honoring who you truly are

  • Discover or re-discover your creativity, and express that creativity in ways that ripple outward through your life

  • Deepen your experience of fulfilling your personal potential

  • Develop or deepen a connection with the world outside of yourself and make meaningful contributions to the greater collective experience

You are the pioneer of your life, and now you no longer have to guess at it.

This work is confronting but empowering; liberating and



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20200311_ADR_SoulWorkPortraits_057_LRE (

A note from me

I have an obsession with understanding why. And I have a drive for curiosity that is impossible to say no to (but why would I??). I've been told I'm a dynamic thinker, and that I don't pull any punches (more than once).

Those gifts are what brought about The Soul Work Course.

In my training and practice as a therapist, as well as in my personal experience and growth, I've developed an unwavering anchor that every person is inherently worthy and fully capable of navigating their way to a new place of healing and growth.


The only thing we're lacking is a map, and what we're given is a lot of misdirection.


This happens in all sorts of ways—hurtful relationships or environments, media that tells us how to be, social norms that are completely out of whack, helping professionals who care more about insurance and theory than the people sitting across from them, the literal tons and tons of books, podcasts, webinars, Internet articles, Instagram challenges...


There's just too much.


What I've discovered over the years in working with so many people is that we all have what we need within us to get where we want to go, we just need someone to show us how to re-discover it and clear all the BS out of the way so that we can get down to business.

So that's exactly what I did. I took my...

  • Obsession with understanding why

  • Insatiable curiosity

  • Unique way of thinking

  • Belief that people both deserve to know the truth and are strong enough to know the truth

  • Absolute conviction that we are innately wise—we don't need improving, but the kinds of resources created to serve us sure do

  • Expertise in human development and psychology, physiology and wellness, relationship dynamics, and spirituality


...and I made it myself.


I made it because you deserve it. I made it because you shouldn't have to wade through knee-deep nonsense to find one or two helpful nuggets. I made it because you have a life; figuring out how to honor your deepest truth and highest good shouldn't have to be your full time job. I made it because the world is a better place when you are your True Self. I made it because you are strong enough to discover your truth and wise enough to direct your journey.

With you + for you,


What's Included with The Soul Work Course?


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📽 2 Videos

📝 Syllabus

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Habit Builder

📽 10 Videos

🛶 8 Guided Exercises

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📽 35 Videos 

🛶 Soul Work Explorations with each video

🗺 Downloadable Guides



📽 8 Videos 

🛶 Soul Work Explorations with each video

🗺 Downloadable Guides



📽 9 Videos 

🛶 Soul Work Explorations with each video

🗺 Downloadable Guides


Manifesto of Values & Influence

🏔 Capstone Video

🛶 Soul Work Exploration

🧭 Post-Course Assessment


BONUS: Create Your Time Video Module

📽 1 Video

🗺 Downloadable Guides

🛶 Exploration


BONUS: Inner Wise Self Guided Meditation

🎧 Audio Download


The Soul Work Course + Bonuses



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Frequently asked questions

When do I get access to the course?

Immediately! And you will have lifetime access to the course, as well as any updates and additions we make to the course.

What are the differences between taking your course and working with you one-on-one?

Here are the main differences between therapy and a self-paced course: Therapy - Specific to an individual - Client-Driven - Circumstance-Driven - Focused on a specific problem - Designed for work that needs to be done in the context of a personal, healing relationship The Soul Work Course - Created to be applicable and relevant across experiences - Coach-determined, according to research - Curriculum-Driven - Focused on foundational tools and inner work - Designed for work that can be done on your own with optional support and community The Soul Work Course is not a replacement for therapy, but is designed to be used on its own or as a complement to therapy. I designed it to empower my clients with the knowledge and resources I have, but that we don't have time to cover in therapy sessions. You can think of it as the "zoomed out" view. Therapy is designed for working on a specific problem or experience that would benefit from a professional healing relationship. You can think of therapy as the "zoomed in" view. I am only able to practice therapy with clients who are in the state of Texas. If you are in Texas and interested in working with me, visit my counseling page for more information or email me at Clients who commit to working with me for 6 months or longer receive access to The Soul Work Course included in the cost of therapy.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds. Only commit to this if you are ready to show up for the work. By choosing to invest in yourself in this way you are making a definitive, executive decision for yourself to change your life. On a psychological level, investing monetarily will also help ensure that you invest yourself mentally, emotionally, and with your time and energy.

How long does it take to go through the course?

A good ball park estimate might be around 6 months, give or take. But the real answer is that it depends entirely upon each person! I recommend coming up with a plan to work through the course at a regular pace, while also balancing that with gentleness for yourself. This work takes a lot of mental and emotional energy. You will be creating new neuron pathways, new behaviors and routines, a new life. It is work and it can feel tiring. In general, it's always better to air on the side of gentleness and slowness, rather than rushing through, so that the changes you're making really have time to take hold. However, don't go so slow that you just stop!

What if I need help along the way?

Help is available! There are a few options: 1. You can email me anytime at I respond to emails during normal business hours Monday-Thursday. 2. If you feel you need one-on-one coaching, contact me and we can arrange a coaching intensive. 3. If you feel you need ongoing, in-depth support, there is also a module in the course that teaches you everything you need to know about finding and beginning work with a therapist.

I'm ready to start my Soul Work