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Make January Yours

Updated: Jan 7

“Onward.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

It’s 2021, here’s a hug

Welcome to the new year. This feels more like a “we made it” and less like a confetti-blasting hurrah, so I really am imagining a world where I could welcome you into my office, give you a hug, and have you sit on the couch across from me and tell me all about it.

This new year may feel like more of the same, but if you attended our Winter Soul-stice Celebration, you know this work is all about self-creating. I’ve been doing some creating, and I’m inviting you along with me.

Say more?

I’m starting a new series (this is the first one!) called “Make It Yours.” It will be two articles a month. One will be a practical, how-to, let’s get our hands and minds messy doing the work. The second email will be educating and empowering you on a new topic.

So, I welcome you to…

Make January Yours!

Let’s get right into it. One of the most game-changing books I’ve ever read is Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt. I know it sounds cheesy (because it kind of is), but the first year I followed this method for goal setting was legitimately my best year ever. I accomplished more than I ever had, and it’s part of what gave me the clarity to start The Soul Work Co.

In Your Best Year Ever, Michael Hyatt takes goals from being a lofty idea into concrete steps. He tells you the mindset behind goal making, and how to create your goals so that they are doable.

Hardcover | Paperback | Audio | Kindle

This isn’t resolution territory – this is goals territory. And a system that leads to accomplishing those goals. If you really want to put this book into action, then you’ll also want to grab the Full Focus Planner. I love this planner. It is the only planner I’ve ever found that meets all of my needs, and I have tried every planner system and method out there. The Full Focus Planner is set up specifically for the system laid out in Your Best Year Ever, so you have what you need to take action without having to do any extra work. *Chef’s kiss*

Full Focus Planner

But my 2020 planner is still empty.

I hear you. But remember, this work is all about self-creating. This method isn’t waiting on someone else to tell you what to do with your time or your energy. This system facilitates you creating the future you want for yourself. This is how I kept creating, with room for rest and re-direction, through a pandemic.

I was more excited than I expected to be filling in my 2021 planner. For each goal, you’re meant to plan a reward for yourself upon accomplishing that goal. I’ve struggled with this in the past, but for some reason this year I am way into it. One of my goals is to spend two hours a week crafting (this is what’s called an avocational habit goal), and the reward I planned for myself is one new house plant each month that I maintain that habit.

Best year ever for me. Best year ever for plants.

After my husband filled in his Quarter One planner, he realized that this is such an important element of self care--caring through yourself through planning your time and intention.

You Can Do The Same

  1. Read the book

  2. Set up your planner

  3. Create your 2021

with you + for you,

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