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Kitchen Redesign


The kitchen of this home featured:

  • Soffits that served no structural purpose

  • A folding door separating the kitchen from the next room

  • A built-in wall oven and microwave unit

  • A bar top behind the sink

  • Corner closet pantry


I redesigned this kitchen by focusing on opening up the space and creating more functionality in several ways:

  • I removed all the soffits and extended cabinets up to the ceiling.

  • On the other side of wall behind the stove, there was a six-foot ledge in the garage. I moved that wall back 3 feet, increasing interior square footage and spatial flow.

  • I also expanded the cased opening into the kitchen by two feet, and replaced the folding doors into the next room with a pocket door.

  • I removed the in-wall oven unit and chose a range unit instead. This removed the cabinet protrusion and created a cleaner line of sight and widened the opening from the dining area through to the living room, as well as created more counter space.

  • I also increased counter space by replacing the pantry with floor-to-ceiling cabinets, which equated to about the same amount of shelf space.

  • I lowered the bar top to counter height, creating more functional counter space and cleaner visual lines.


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