Interactive Perpetual Calendar for Preschool & Early Childhood

Materials used for this project were felt, embroidery thread, paint, and ink.

I designed and created this calendar combining principles of both Waldorf and Montessori Education. Waldorf philosophy emphasizes imagination, storytelling, and the rhythms of nature. Montessori education prioritizes tactile interaction with the real world environment the child is growing in.

  • I included representations of natural elements relevant to the child’s location, such as bluebonnets in spring and vegetables that ripen in summer.

  • I coordinated the change in seasons according to the Equinox and Solstice times, embroidering the transitions on each seasonal panel.

  • I incorporated a diagram of the moon phases in relation to the sun.

  • Each panel of the calendar was hand cut, embroidered, and assembled by me.

  • The painted temperature gauge includes a moveable arrow. The moon phases, seasons, and months feature a moveable astronaut, gnome, and fairy, respectively, to show the current time.

  • Pockets on the bottom hold pieces to mark the days of the week, as well as weather pieces.