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Bathroom Redesign


The master bathroom of this home featured:

  • An open doorway off the bedroom

  • One sink

  • About ⅓ of under-counter space devoted to knee space

  • Soffits that served no structural purpose

  • A door separating the bathroom into two spaces, with the toilet and stand-up shower stall in the back space

  • I designed and commissioned a custom sliding barn door featuring a chevron pattern, highlighting the tonal variations in the wood. The door separates the bathroom from the master bedroom.

  • I redesigned the layout of the bathroom, removing the divider door and the soffits. This allowed for greater flow of light into the room, a longer vanity, and more storage space.

  • I designed the vanity space with two sinks and devoted the full width to under-counter storage.

  • I designed and commissioned two custom mirrors to complement the scale of the space, as well as allow for more reflection of light.

  • I integrated recessed lighting into the ceiling to maintain clear visual lines.

  • Removing the dividing door also allowed for more space where the shower stall was previously. I incorporated a soaking tub into a shower-tub combination space. I used frameless glass doors to maintain the visual openness and light of the space.

Hall Bathroom

The hall bathroom featured soffits that served no structural purpose over both the shower and vanity.

  • I had all soffits removed and the over-toilet cabinet removed to allow for greater light in the space.

  • I used the same principles of creating brighter, more visually and functionally efficient space as I did in the master bathroom. I designed and commissioned the coordinating mirror for this bathroom.


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