The Official Bio

Desirée Strother is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and expert in attachment theory, relationship healing, and body work with a decade of experience in research and practice.

She helps clients heal from deeply embedded trauma, move on from toxic relationships, and create thriving, joyful lives.

Desirée also plays Dungeons & Dragons and loves to explore relationship dynamics, parts of self, and shadow work through her D&D characters. She is currently playing in the show Second Star to the Right

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Joyful Attachment | Desirée Strother, PLLC


Coaching clients in attachment, discovering their attachment style, facilitating nervous system regulation and healing, providing hypnosis and embodiment interventions, facilitating relationship boundary creation and reconciliation, guiding clients in secure attachment and life design 

Licensed Professional Counselor


Counseled clients in the areas of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, trauma, gender issues, marriage and relationships, and life and symptom management

Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern


Counseled clients in the areas of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, trauma, gender issues, marriage and relationships, and life and symptom management

Affiliate Sex Offender Treatment Provider


Provided individual and group counseling for adults and adolescents in the areas of trauma, anxiety, depression, sexual offense, coping skills, and life management

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Therapist


Provided group counseling for adolescents in the areas of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, trauma, gender identity, and coping skills; provided family counseling for families of IOP participants and assisted families in finding resources


Attachment Theory: An Embodied Approach


Surveyed the current research on attachment theory, the attachment styles and their development, and interventions for developing secure attachment; Polyvagal Theory and the impact of the social engagement system, neural development, and healing

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

2016, 2015

Intermediate Level Clinical Hypnosis

Learned advanced skills for inducing hypnosis, neurophysiology of hypnosis; applying hypnosis for symptoms, habit disorders, and pain management and advanced skills for creating appropriate hypnotic suggestions


Beginner Level Clinical Hypnosis 

Learned skills of inducing hypnosis, creating hypnotic suggestions appropriate for my clients and their goals, and re-alerting clients from hypnosis

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

2017, 2015

Level Two Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Learned advanced interventions for helping couples build friendship and intimacy, manage conflict, and create shared dreams and goals, as well as learned interventions for couples dealing with co-morbidities such as affairs, addiction, or trauma


Level One Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Learned skills of assessing couples’ strength and problem areas, developing treatment plans, techniques for teaching couples healthy conflict management, improving intimacy and friendship, and creating shared dreams and goals

Yoga Teacher Training


Integrative Yoga Studies

Studied yoga history and philosophy, traditional lineages of yoga, asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, meditation, and different styles of yoga


M.A., Psychology, Houston Baptist University


Courses of Note: 

Ethical and Professional Issues in Psychology and Counseling, Methods and Techniques in Counseling, Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychopathology, Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy, Individual Psychological Evaluations, Personality Assessment, Physiological Psychology


Outstanding Student in Master of Arts in Psychology (2014)

B.A., Houston Baptist University


Major: Theology

Minor: Writing



Alpha Chi Honor Society 

Summa Cum Laude

More to the Story

My own history of growing up with an alcoholic father, who was also abused by his father, has informed my approach to healing. I have intuited from a young age that treating each other chaotically, violently, and hatefully is not how things should be. 

Turns out, the research on safety, neurological development, relationships, and more validates what I – and you – have always known. I deeply believe that by healing attachment trauma, we can heal on both micro and macro levels. 


Attachment trauma is at the heart of perfectionism, fear, family dysfunction, generational & collective human-made trauma, viewing people who are different as a threatening "other"– racism, abuse, toxic masculinity, LGBTQIA+ phobia, anti-fat bias, ableism, and systems based on holding power over others. 


Likewise, secure attachment is at the heart of joyful connection and relationships, bravely speaking truth, open-mindedness, excitement, curiosity, playfulness, empathy, compassion, and systems based on collective empowerment and equity.