Discover your Self, heal your hurt, and live your Worth.

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  • All sessions are virtual and available only to residents of Texas

  • Your first 30 minute Discovery Session is free!

You know you deserve a lush, soul-led life.

Let's achieve your first breakthrough right here, right now:


You are not broken —

You are whole.

You do not need improvement —

You have all the wisdom you need for your growth already within you.

(Seriously! Write that on a sticky note and put it on your mirror!)

You've been on this journey a while now, seeking to find...

  • Your joy 

  • Your power

  • A sense of deep, unwavering peace that is sourced from within yourself

 There's just one problem:  All the other healing methods out there tell you there's something wrong with you.


So you've been spinning your wheels trying to "fix" yourself, trying to "improve" yourself—as if you're broken and need improving.


 My job, is guiding you on your  

  journey of re-discovery


I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me in the last year and a half. You have helped me overcome so much, and I can honestly say that I don’t think I would be where I am now without your guidance.

Claire | A client dedicated to their growth

My name is Desirée. I earned my master's degree in psychology, I'm a licensed professional counselor and a yoga teacher.


The real word for what I do, though, is soul work.

 Soul work is the process of becoming who   you were created to be. 


How this works:


I lend my expertise and training in human development and psychology, physiology and wellness, relationship dynamics, and spirituality to guide the process of becoming.

You lend your expertise in your life, relationships, experiences, dreams, and desires to guide the journey to who you were created to be.

On that journey, you will discover your healing, your wisdom, your power, your heart, your truth.


The Soul Work Counseling Journey



A 30 minute session to see if this is the right fit for you


*$60 for no-shows or cancellations w/in 48 hours



A thorough interview + co-creating a plan for your healing journey




Weekly or bi-weekly sessions to guide every step of the way. Supplemented with The Soul Work Course.

$120 per session

with 6-month commitment to your work



  • Imagine knowing that you know your true self.

  • Imagine feeling deeply certain that you are whole and worthy.

  • Imagine living your life being calm and centered within yourself, confident that the choices you make, the relationships you create, and your actions in the world are completely in alignment with who you were created to be.

I have learned that l have the power of healing and moving forward. I am in control. I am worthy and safe to be me. It's all because of your heartful and soulful work. This work has been so impactful, and I’m so grateful.

Hamsa | The Soul Work Co. client 

When you invest in your self through The Soul Work Counseling, you will...

  • Do a deep exploration of your history to understand how you came to be where you are today

  • Be able to identify the patterns and dynamics that are no longer serving you (but at one time, did!), and learn how to peacefully grow on from them

  • Confront your fears and limiting beliefs and create new healing patterns to replace them

  • Discover the truth about your mind-body physiology and the science behind why you aren't broken

  • Make foundational, soul-level changes that empower you to create the life and relationships you crave

I have greater self awareness, clarity, and peace, plus an action plan to improve other areas of life moving forward.

Leslie | The Soul Work Co. client 

The Map for Your Journey

Discovery Session

  • During this session, I'll ask you a few questions about why you want to pursue counseling to make sure I'm the right person to help you. You can ask me any questions you like so that you can make sure I'm the right person to help you.

    • End Goal: Determine if you are ready to move forward into a therapeutic relationship with me, and if so, schedule your Groundwork Session


Groundwork Session

  • Before the session, you will fill out the Groundwork Session Questionnaire. This will get you acquainted with the process of therapy, and let you know what you can expect. The Questionnaire is an in-depth interview covering your personal, family, and social history.

  • We'll discuss everything you filled out together in-session, so that we can get a full picture of what brings you to the present moment and decide together on a plan forward.

    • End Goal: You'll be fully informed and empowered about the counseling process. After the session, I will write out Counseling Plan & Goals for you based on our work in the Groundwork Session. 


Soul Work Sessions

  • We'll start our first session by going over your Counseling Plan & Goals. You will be able to ask any questions or offer any input or changes you like. You will also be able to decide if you would like to proceed forward with counseling. Once we agree, we will begin working together toward your goals.

  • We will meet weekly or bi-weekly for 6 months or 16-sessions (whichever comes first). We will periodically review your Counseling Plan & Goals and update them as you make progress. At the end of this time, we will discuss if you would like to continue counseling or transition out.

  • Between sessions, you will work through explorations we discuss in session, as well as The Soul Work Course.

    • End Goal: You will have achieved your Counseling Plan & Goals (and then some!), and you'll have a new sense of autonomy, agency, and empowerment over your life.


The Soul Work Course

  • As a gift to Soul Work Counseling participants, I include a membership to my signature digital program, The Soul Work Course ($2600 value).

  • This empowers you to go beyond what we would normally be able to cover in therapy so that you can get the most growth and benefit out of your work.

  • See the full syllabus here

    • End Goal: You'll be fully educated and empowered when it comes to understanding your self, your relationships, and your community. You'll have everything you need to be the active director for all the aspects of your life and wellness.

Yes! I'm ready to start my journey

Why Soul Work Counseling?

There are two major forces at work:

01 | 

The Therapeutic Relationship

As a therapist, I am a person who is specially trained and whose meaningful work it is to truly see you, understand you, value you just as you are right now in this moment, hold a space for you where all of you is safe and accepted, and walk with you through the uncertainty of your self.

A therapeutic relationship is designed to be a microcosm where you can experience deep safety in the context of a healing relationship. Here, it is safe for you to explore, experiment, and practice your own wisdom and healing. Over time, your newly discovered healing patterns will overflow into the rest of your life.

02 | 

The Therapeutic Approach

My approach is holistic and research-based. In our work we will focus on all aspects of your self and your experience, your relationships, and your place in the world so that by the end of our work together you will come to know your whole self and claim autonomy over your whole life.

In The Soul Work Course, I have integrated research from across disciplines so that you can be empowered with everything I know to take ownership of your journey. There's no reason my knowledge and expertise should stay behind locked doors—you deserve it so that you can use it! Going through the course alongside our in-session work will amplify the success of your journey exponentially.


We meet many people in the course of our lifetime; a handful leave an everlasting imprint in our life for the change they helped us experience and their spirits. You are one of them. The other day I wondered, "Why do I feel so comfortable reaching out to and opening up to Desirée?" It comes down to trust. Thank you for being someone that I can trust. Invaluable.

Cindy | A client dedicated to her Soul Work

A note from me

To this day, some people tell me they think I'm super weird for how much I love therapy.

But the first time I went to therapy, when I was 18 years old, it was incredible to me that there was all of this stuff about myself that I didn't even know and that it turned out when I discovered it, it really helped me.

It was like standing behind a dirty window and then not only realizing that I could clean the window, but that I could just go outside and see the world for myself.

The rest, as they say, is history. Because of that experience, I decided to become a therapist. In my training, I learned how to:

  • Fully value and prize the person sitting across from me

  • Fully validate the experiences of others

  • Not be afraid of the uncomfortable, the messy, the painful stuff

  • Go with people where they need to go

  • Offer the guidance needed to navigate to a new place of healing and growth


And in my work as a therapist, I learned the most important thing of all:

Every person is always capable of that new place of healing and growth, sometimes we just need a map to get to it.


On the other hand, what I was seeing was a therapy-business world run by insurance companies, therapy models that didn't match up with a person's needs, poor boundaries, and a general philosophy of, "We're here to fix people."

The dissonance between my own values and experience as a therapist and what I was seeing all around me was so huge, I realized something had to be wrong. When I started digging into that, I found that we aren't what needs to be fixed; instead, we need to fix our approach to healing.


I started researching physiology, nutrition, relationships, hypnosis, mindfulness, yoga, theology, spirituality, community—I wanted an approach to healing that honored what it means to be fully human.

Along the way, I discovered this term coined by followers of one of my favorite psychologists (Carl Jung), and that term was soul work. Soul work simply means the process of becoming who you were created to be.

I realized that’s what I was doing—I was both doing my own soul work AND I was studying the process of how soul work is done.

Now, after a decade of formal academic education, professional training and experience, personal study, experimentation and trial and error; after thousands of hours with hundreds of clients, I created The Soul Work Co.

This is the place where I offer you a fully integrated approach to discovering the wholeness of your life, based on research across disciplines.


I have made this my life's work, because I love it.


And the amazing perk of that, is that you don't have to.

With you + for you,


You helped me find my voice! You are so wise. You shared so many valuable examples of that wisdom in stories that inspired a life lesson—for me, self protection and awareness. You are a gifted teacher.

Kristina | A client dedicated to her journey

So what happens after you click this button?

Frequently asked questions

Why a six-month commitment?

The overall length of psychotherapy (in weeks or months) is generally difficult to predict but is something we can discuss when the initial Counseling Plan & Goals is reviewed with you after the Welcome Session. At that time, if you feel confident in continuing therapy with me, I usually ask for a 6 month or 16-session commitment (whichever comes first). Deep inner work of this kind does take time, consistency, and effort, which is my reason for this recommendation. Many people choose to continue therapy beyond that time.

What are the differences between working with you one-on-one and just taking your course?

Here are the main differences between therapy and a self-paced course: Therapy - Specific to an individual - Client-Driven - Circumstance-Driven - Focused on a specific problem - Designed for work that needs to be done in the context of a personal, healing relationship The Soul Work Course - Created to be applicable and relevant across experiences - Coach-determined, according to research - Curriculum-Driven - Focused on foundational tools and inner work - Designed for work that can be done on your own with optional support and community The Soul Work Course is not a replacement for therapy, but is designed to be used on its own or as a complement to therapy. I designed it to empower my clients with the knowledge and resources I have, but that we don't have time to cover in therapy sessions. You can think of it as the "zoomed out" view. Therapy is designed for working on a specific problem or experience that would benefit from a professional healing relationship. You can think of therapy as the "zoomed in" view.

What are the differences between telehealth (virtual therapy) and in-person therapy?

Telehealth has certain benefits, such as convenience and ease of access. I can hold a therapy session with you as long as you are in the state of Texas during our session. There is also no need to commute; all you need is an Internet connection and a private place to talk. Telehealth also has certain limitations, such as interruptions, unauthorized access, and technical difficulties. I work from a secure, HIPAA-compliant therapy platform. During our initial sessions, we'll go over some of the dynamics of telehealth sessions. However, there is always the possibility of circumstances beyond our control.

I'm ready to start my Soul Work