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I'm no longer taking on new clients. I'm taking time off from coaching to spend time with my family and work on other projects.

I recommend reading How to Choose a Therapist if you are looking for someone to walk with you on your healing journey. 💕

Joyful Attachment

🏹 Go from knowing your trauma to healing your trauma

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Befriend yourself

🎨 Create the life & relationships you deeply desire

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Welcome, friend!
I'm Desirée, and I guide folks through healing attachment trauma and its consequences.
Joy is on the other side


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Are we a good fit?


I work with folks who have gotten so accustomed to feeling stuck, they’ve started to believe that maybe "it" just isn't for them.


They wonder if maybe they’re not special. Maybe they’re just one of the millions of people who have mundane lives with mundane relationships and mundane sex and mundane jobs and mundane food and mediocre happiness (or no happiness at all).


They’re tired, they’re stuck, disappointed, depressed, anxious. They know they’re capable, but they don’t know what to do.

Sound familiar?


I don't know what it is about me or you or the universe, but if you've found me, here are some things I can guess to be true:

  • I'm not your first choice. Most people come to me after trying (what feels like) everything. And you've had some bad experiences, like maybe...

  • Crappy experiences with other therapists

  • Being gaslit and abused by systems of power, like religion or work or family. 

  • You've read books and blogs and articles; followed Instagram accounts and done challenges; enrolled in online courses; tried diets and supplements and meticulous rituals. Sometimes it feels like all that stuff works, but most of the time you feel exhausted.

You’re smart. You're capable. You sense there’s “something more,” and you’re not going to give up searching.

And at the same time… the amount of information out there is overwhelming. You have tried so many forms of self care that it has almost become even more exhausting just to take care of yourself.

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This is called


and it keeps you from

feeling & healing


Common Symptoms of Intellectualizing

  • You know the intricate details of your trauma and how it’s impacting your life today

  • You're well aware of your patterns for handling stress and conflict… but don’t know how to change them

  • You arrange your life around when you predict you’ll feel anxious, exhausted, depressed, or triggered in some way

  • When you hear a new self-help book recommendation, it feels like an assignment

  • You go to therapy because it "should" help, but you just end up re-hashing the same old stuff

  • Taking care of yourself feels like an ever-growing list that takes up more and more time and results in less and less joy




chronically using your abilities for thinking and analyzing to avoid feeling and experiencing

So what are we doing here?

Joyful Attachment helps really smart folks stop intellectualizing their traumatic experience, regain their mind-body connection, and harness their sense of curiosity and desire to play. 

Heal attachment trauma that's been with you since childhood

Reunite with your desires, your purpose, and your superpowers

Move on from the relationships you don't want, and create the relationships you do want

Design your life of joy

How it works


Schedule a free session with me.

My intention here is to really understand what’s keeping you stuck, to get clear on your goals, and then answering the question “What is your best next step?”

We'll be talking a lot about your past, present and future but starting with the present so that I can see what you're seeing.

Once we have the answers that we gather in the call, then together you and I are going to build a roadmap from where you are now to where you want to go, and we’ll see if that's something that I can help you with.


Name your price.

If we both feel a good fit, we make a plan to work together. 

I believe healing from trauma and doing this kind of work should be a basic human right and made available and equitable to everyone. 


As a coach, I don't want to need a client to pay me. For me, that adds a weird energy to the relationship that can impede healing. It's always been my wish, since I began my psychotherapy internship, for the rates I charge clients to be flexible and therapeutic in themselves.


At the same time, there's psychological evidence that most people need to pay something in order to be emotionally invested in the work.


The first step, then, in working with me is to figure out what that number is for you. 


Ten Sessions. Your Pace.

We work together through a 10 part curriculum:

  1. Miracle Mindset 

  2. Needs & Attachment

  3. Discover Your Superpowers

  4. Rest & Integrate

  5. Deepen Mindset & Begin Life Design

  6. End Toxic Relationships & Set Boundaries

  7. Receiving Joyful Relationships

  8. Rest & Integrate

  9. & 10. Life Design

We go at your pace, and rest is built in, because in order to heal trauma, your nervous system has to feel safe.

We don't blast through content.

We don't hustle to squeeze in sessions.

We take our time.

We feel.

We rest.

We receive joy.


My Background & Approach


Licensed counselor and expert in attachment theory, relationship healing, and body work with a decade of experience in research and practice, I have helped clients heal from deeply embedded trauma, move on from toxic relationships, and create thriving, joyful lives.


I trained with my mentor Dr. Stephanie Ellis, learning a humanistic and experiential approach to healing. This means I prioritize validating my clients' emotions and experiences, and we use that as your foundation. This is vital, because many of us grew up having our experiences and emotions invalidated by our caregivers and those who were meant to keep us safe and loved.


Deeply prizing my clients helps us co-create a secure relationship in which your nervous system can begin to heal. I'm also trained in yoga and hypnotherapy. I integrate all of these so that you can embody healing in your conscious AND unconscious mind, and your body. This empowers my clients to have profound experiences of safety within themselves.

Read more about my background & experience