Meet Desirée

I have a Masters in Psychology, and I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Texas. I study attachment theory, relationship healing, spirituality, and body work and have a decade of experience in counseling and coaching.

I'm also an artist, writer, D&D player, wife, mother, and friend. I love people and joy. My gifts are...

  • Learning - curiosity - integrating - connecting

  • Knowing - seeing - holding space for it all

  • Playing - experimenting - testing - being trickster

  • Organizing - conducting - orchestrating - creating

  • Excitement - enthusiasm - laughter

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Image by Florian van Duyn


Second Star to the Right is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure set on the Island of Neverland you know and love from Peter Pan.

In it, I play the character Síofra O'Grimm, a Star Druid from Ireland. You can watch the show below, and read my character journal on Patreon!

You can also listen to my interview on Roll For Persuasion where I talk more about how I got into D&D and my love for creating characters.